Rainmaker in KL

07 May

Rainmaker KL with Bill WalshKuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia, is always busy, vibrant, full of shops, restaurant, pubs…especially at night and on the weekend.

But on a Friday night in Feb 2013,  about 50 small business owners or success seekers gathered in the centre of the city at the Millennium hotel to attend a  “Rainmaker Summit”, a well known training seminar for small business owners.

It was my pleasure to be invited to present at this 2.5 day training to train the “Rainmaker” participants, who are seeking greater success.

I have always had the passion to utilise my financial expertise to help small businesses to be more profitable.

As you know, small businesses contribute significantly to the economy, but they are the one’s who often have little support and the ones in most need of it.

It’s not an easy journey to build up your own business.  It’s tough!  By survey results 90% of small business fail in first 3 years!

Even more startling, 42% of small business owners consider that the most unpleasant part of their business is has to do with finance!

However, this is not the feedback I got from this event.

I trained and consulted with the business owners one to one… Helped them understand basic financial knowledge and also gave them simple but proven tips to take away to apply in their business straight away. I conveyed this message loud and clear – that financial tools have to be utilised in their day to day business if they were serious about  bringing their business to an even higher level, to be even more profitable.

Gerald Chuah, a journalist for the the New Straits Times, one of the big well known newspapers in Kuala Lumpar, interviewed me during my stay. His column titled “Interview with Experts” focuses on imparting  business knowledge, experience and services of experts helpful to small business owners to achieve greater success.  Implementing financial tools is an important part of a business’ operations and is key to ensuring long term success and profitability of any business, big or small.

I feel privileged that I am able to assist small business in their journey towards achieving greater financial success.

Not only that, the most important thing for me is that I have met these business entrepreneurs and have kept a the friendship with many of them.

I miss KL and all the “rainmakers” I met there.



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